Namesake Ornament Craft

Posted by Debra Haagen on

One last Christmas craft idea that you can make with your kids and hang on the tree just in time for Christmas!  My friend made these several years ago for my kids and some other kids on her gift list.  She got a big assortment of Scrabble tiles on eBay, I believe, for about $30-$35.  She spelled out each child's name and glued a strip of felt to the back of them.  (Note:  some of the longer names needed some thick felt and heavy glue to dry stiff enough to stay in place.)  You will want to use Elmer's or some liquid craft glue applied liberally to the felt so that it will soak in and make the felt stiff when it dries.  She then glued a bow to the top of each ornament with a place to stick a hook through.  What an adorable (and inexpensive) Christmas gift!
Merry Christmas!  :-)


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