1. What is a Lapbook?

This is a proven method of enhancing, creating and displaying a summary of what a student is learning and has accomplished during a particular unit of study. Technically, it's nothing more than some folders and paper booklets (but arranged and folded in unique ways that correlate to the subject)!  The first time I saw one, it reminded me of the old “pop-up” books from my childhood!  These may include maps, vocabulary, creative writing, coloring/drawing, questions & answers, graphic organizers, and more.

Knowledge Box Central’s Lapbooks are VERY different than others on the market.  This is because Cyndi Kinney has applied the science behind “Color Psychology” and shape recognition to these products. Each color has a psychological value, and these are used to help your student to improve his information retention.  We have seen amazing results in studies where we have used these techniques, and you can see the same results within your own homeschool.


  1. What is a Lapbook Journal?

Lapbook Journals are primarily designed for the middle to high school student.  These products include a FEW of the booklets that you would find in a typical Lapbook, but MOST of the product consists of Journaling Pages.  These pages include questions/information and spaces for your student to document their findings.

Apologia Lapbook Journals:  Apologia Lapbook Journals are designed for the Apologia Science textbooks written by Dr. Jay Wile for Middle and High School students.  The Lapbook Journals are for students who may not enjoy quite as much of a “crafty” record of their studies as their younger siblings, but they still deserve and enjoy a FUN “hands-on” experience.  We have combined the fun of Lapbooks along with the joy of Journaling to create a “Lapbook Journal,” which is contained within a 3-ring binder.  The Lapbook Journal is divided into 3 sections, all kept in the same binder.  One of the complaints that we hear from students who use the Apologia books is that they don’t like having to write out all of the “On Your Own Questions,” “Study Guide Questions,” (may be Review Questions or Practice Problems, depending on the specific book) and “Lab Reports.”  With the Lapbook Journal, ALL of this has already been typed out for the student.  The student merely “journals” his answers and completes the rest of the lab report.  If the student enjoys Lapbooking, then the “Study Guide Questions” have been transferred into small booklets, which the student creates and inserts into the binder.  Each one of these Lapbook Journals is OVER 500 pages, and YOU choose which pages to print/use.  Eliminate the dull and tedious task of writing the questions and answers into a traditional notebook.  Students improve their memory of the material and actually ENJOY and look forward to their studies when using the Lapbook Journal.  This also gives them a wonderful review tool and a way to display their work for showing family and friends!

  1. What is Copywork?

Copywork is a great way to teach your children.  By copying passages from Great Works of literature or history, children learn many areas of Language Arts.  Children have the opportunity to be exposed to great writers or historical events, while learning Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Creative Writing from the “Masters.”  Most Classical Education programs recommend copywork as an intricate part of educating your children, quite often in place of many traditional Language Arts programs.  By copying passages 2-3 days per week (or more), your children will come to learn and possibly even memorize some of the greatest literature from our history.  While penmanship is important, the knowledge that they are gaining through the copywork is what is most important.  However, do encourage your children to take pride in their penmanship. Also, instruct them in the importance of the “art” of Spelling, Punctuation, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Creative Writing.  With some practice, they will begin to “imitate” these in their own personal writing.

  1. What is an Activity Book?

An Activity Book is designed to provide some fun during this holiday or school break times.  You’ll find different types of activities and coloring pages, usually for ages Kindergarten through “about” 4th grade.  Some Activity Books will include Copywork pages, word searches, and games, puzzles, cut-out fun activities, language arts activities, math fun, and more.  These are meant to provide some educational fun during times when school is not "in session."

  1. What is an Interactive Foldable Booklet?

Interactive Foldable Booklets are a fun, creative way for students to document what they are learning.  Students will cut out these individual booklets, fold according to instructions, and answer questions about a specific topic. Some of our Interactive Foldable Booklets come with just 1 booklet, while others come with 5 or 6.  Students can glue these booklets into their notebook (sometimes called an Interactive Notebook) or into a folder.

  1. Can I get a refund on my purchase?

*We will gladly provide you with a refund on CD, Printed, Assembled, and Kit products if the shrink wrap has not been removed from the product.  We do require that you ship the product back to us prior to refunding your purchase. 

We do NOT offer refunds on E-books once the product has been downloaded. 

Please contact Debra Haagen with refund requests.  You may reach her by emailing debra@knowledgeboxcentral.com.

  1. If I order a printed or assembled product, how long will it take for me to receive it in the mail?

Printed and CD orders are shipped directly from our printer.  These are usually processed and shipped within 2-4 weeks.  You do have the option of paying for expedited shipping when you check out.  Assembled or Kit products may take 1 to 2 weeks longer to ship, as they are individually created by hand.


  1. How do I download or re-download my purchased eBook product?

For security purposes, once purchased, a download can only be accessed one time. We can re-send files at any time; however, our suggestion is that it's best to go ahead and save it to your hard drive or other external device immediately after purchase rather than having to wait for an email response back.

Click here to view a PDF with screenshot images to further assist you in the process.

If you require additional assistance with downloading any item, please contact Debra Haagen at debra@knowledgeboxcentral.com.

  1. What are my choices for the formats in which I can order your products?

For your convenience, our products are available in several different formats:

Ebook - available as an immediate download so that you may save the file and print pages as needed.

CD - file is saved to a disc with a professionally printed cover image. A CD provides a more permanent storage system and is easily accessible so that you may print pages as needed. This product is shipped directly from our printer.

Printed - no paper or ink cartridges needed; our pre-printed items are professionally printed and bound in a softcover book and shipped directly from our printer.

Assembled - all the cutting, folding, embellishing, and pasting have been completed done for you with our one-of-a-kind pre-assembled lapbooks.

Kit - all the cutting, folding, and embellishments have been done for you. Folders for the Lapbook Base have been included, as have instructions. Your student will glue the booklets into the base and then write his or her answers within those booklets.


  1. My homeschool co-op (or private school) wants to use one of your products for the entire class.  Is there a discount so that each student doesn't have to purchase the product?   

Absolutely!  Our Co-Op License is just what you need!  Here is the information: Co-op License

  1. I am interested in selling your products on my website or in my store. 

We do offer wholesale discounts to book sellers.  Please contact Debra Haagen at debra@knowledgeboxcentral.com for more information about this opportunity.

  1. May I make suggestions about some topics that I think would be great for a Lapbook, Lapbook Journal, Interactive Foldable, or Worksheet? 

Absolutely!  We love getting input for future products. We are ALWAYS in production mode and designing new products.  Please email Debra Haagen at debra@knowledgeboxcentral.com with any suggestions that you may have.

  1. I am interested in writing for Knowledge Box Central.  Are there any opportunities for me with your company?

YES!  We have a team of homeschool moms who write Study Guides for our Lapbooks.  We also have several who design the Lapbook booklets.  If you are interested in inquiring about this opportunity, please contact Debra Haagen at debra@knowledgeboxcentral.com for more information.

  1. I ordered one of your Kindle products on Amazon. How do I get my free downloadable PDF version for printing?

Thanks so much for your Kindle purchase of our product! Please click HERE to download a document that will walk you through the steps to get your printable ebook.

  1. I am having trouble downloading my ebook that I purchased last month.

 Please email through the Contact Us Form on the website with your name, order number, and date of purchase. We will then verify your order and send you the link(s) again. The ebook links that are sent out after purchase DO expire, so please make sure to download and save the ebooks onto your computer as soon as you purchase them.