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Swag Tags

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Swag Tags are the perfect tool to breathe some life into your classroom behavior management system! If you've tried stickers and stamps, or gone broke filling up your treasure chest, these tags will be just the answer you've been looking for. Your students will begin to show motivation to work hard towards their behavior and academic goals.

The following products that can be found in this collection:

  • Classroom Jobs Swag Tags
    • This set contains 35 classroom job tags and 10 blank tags containing an image only, that can be written on for special jobs titles not included in this set. All tags are available in both color and B&W versions.
    • The 35 classroom jobs in this set include:
Calendar Monitor Clean Up Monitor
Door Holder
Lunch Monitor
Light Monitor
Pencil Sharpener
Counter Cleaner
Line Leader
Bathroom Attendant
Teacher's Assistant
First Aid Helper
Homework Monitor
Mat Helper
Water Fountain Attendant
Hand Sanitizer Monitor
Recycling Monitor
Chair Stacker
Board Eraser
Attendance Taker
Pledge Leader
Paper Passer
Journal Attendant
Litter Manager
Floor Monitor
Board Helper
Technology Helper
Pet Caretaker Sink Attendant
Snack Helper
  • Editable Student Name Swag Tags
    • This set of brag tags is an editable Power Point file, allowing you to edit and customize each tag to meet your specific needs. Editing instructions are included. You will be able to: * change the font, font size and font color * add effect such as shadow, reflection, glow, etc. * move, rotate or add text boxes Please be aware the images in this product are not editable based on terms established by the individual artists.
    • Holiday Swag Tags
      • This set contains holiday tags for all 12 months of the year. All tags are available in both color and B&W versions.
      • The following holidays are included:
    Color by Sight Words Sequencing
    Bird Day MLK Day
    Opposite Day Groundhog Day
    Chinese New Year Mardi Gras
    Lincoln's Birthday Valentine's Day
    President's Day Washington's Birthday
    Leap Year St. Patrick's Day
    1st Day of Spring Easter
    April Fool's Day Earth Day
    Arbor Day May Day
    May Fourth (Star Wars) Cinco de Mayo
    Armed Forces Day Memorial Day
    Flag Day 1st Day of Summer
    4th of July Hammock Day
    Summer Olympics S'mores Day
    Left Hander's Day Labor Day
    9/11 Constitution Day
    1st Day of Fall Native American Day
    Smile Day Columbus Day
    Halloween Dia de los Muertos
    Election Day Veteran's Day
    Thanksgiving Pearl Harbor Day
    1st Day of Winter Christmas
    New Year's
      • Milestone Swag Tags
        • This set contains 12 milestone tags in both color and B&W versions.
        • The following tags are included:
      I'm 100 Days Smarter I can tie my shoes!
      I know my phone number!
      I lost a tooth! (girl)
      I lost a tooth! (boy) I know my left from my right!
      I can write my name! I'm a BIG brother!
      I'm a BIG sister! I can say the Pledge of Allegiance!
      I know my bus number!
        • Red Ribbon Week Swag Tags
          • This set contains 15 milestone tags in both color and B&W versions.
          • The following tags are included:
        2 boy tags in "Drug Free Kid" shirts 2 girl tags in "Drug Free Kid" shirts
        boy "Wear Red Day" girl "Wear Red Day"
        boy "Crazy Hair Day" girl "Crazy Hair Day"
        boy "Crazy Sock Day" girl "Crazy Sock Day"
        boy "Team Shirt Day" girl "Team Shirt Day"
        boy "Free Dress Day" girl "Free Dress Day"
        "I Like Me Drug Free" Ribbon


        Please enjoy our Milestone Swag Tags as a FREE sample of our Swag Tag product line!