President James Monroe Interactive Foldable Booklets

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Who was James Monroe, and what did he accomplish as president? What is he known for? These and more questions will be answered as you create these interactive foldables for your Interactive Notebook or Lapbook.

These 4 foldables cover:
•Basic Facts about James Monroe
•The Monroe Doctrine

Prep for this product is fast and simple! Just print the instructions and booklet pages, and your students will be ready to go. This product is meant to be a supplement to your curriculum or textbook, and does not include a study guide.

This product is a downloadable ebook in PDF format. Just follow the instructions as you print, cut, fold, glue, and create!

For a FREE example of these Interactive Foldable Booklets, please download this one at no charge: Separating Mixtures Interactive Foldable Booklet