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Henty's Historical Novel Flash Cards

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The historical novels by G.A. Henty are such marvelous stories that will live on for years. They provide students with a look into history and are such engaging educational tools. Each of these books also provides the student with a look into the vocabulary of different historical periods. In order for the student to fully understand and benefit from the lessons to be learned in these novels, it is important for him to understand this sometimes challenging vocabulary. Use these flash cards to improve information retention, to better understand the author's words, and to truly engage in the historical period of each novel. These make excellent companions to the Henty audios by Jim Hodges, and these can also be found on our website.

Each of these products are electronic files, downloadable in PDF format that can be used on Apple or Windows computers.

These cards are intended to be printed double-sided so that the word or picture is on one side and the definition is on the other. There are 6 cards per page, and they should be cut along the lines.

The Flash Cards offered in this product line are the following:

  • A Knight of the White Cross
    • This product includes 735 vocabulary words. Setting: The Mediterranean from 1470-1480.
    • View Sample Here
  • Beric the Briton
    • This product includes 509 vocabulary words. Setting: AD 61 England, Rome, and Italy, Gladiators, the Coliseum, Rome burns. The invasion of Britain by the Roman legionaries is the setting for this story.
    • View Sample Here
  • By Right of Conquest
    • This product includes 970 vocabulary words. Setting: AD 1518-1523 Sailing ships, Conquest of Aztec Empire in Mexico, Central America.
    • View Sample Here
  • The Cat of Bubastes
    • This product includes 584 vocabulary words. Setting: AD 1250 B.C. Egypt.
    • View Sample Here
  • For the Temple
    • This product includes 977 vocabulary words. Setting: AD 70 Palestine and Jerusalem, Roman Destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple.
    • View Sample Here
  • In Freedom's Cause
    • This product includes 539 vocabulary words.Setting: AD 1300 Scotland and England William Wallace and Robert the Bruce.
    • View Sample Here
  • True to the Old Flag
    • This product includes 509 vocabulary words. Setting: AD 1775-1783 American Revolutionary War, U. S. History.
    • View Sample Here
  • Under Drake's Flag
    • This product includes 856 vocabulary words. Setting: AD 1580 Sailing ships, The Inquisition Circumnavigation of the Globe.
    • View Sample Here
  • Winning His Spurs
    • This product includes 649 vocabulary words. Setting: AD 1190 King Richard the Lionhearted - Europe and the Middle East 3rd Crusade to the Holy Land.
    • View Sample Here
  • With Lee in Virginia
    • This product includes 514 vocabulary words. Setting: AD 1860 American Civil War Slavery and state rights.
    • View Sample Here
  • With Wolfe in Canada
    • This product includes 598 vocabulary words. Setting: AD 1750 and 60 North America French and Indian War.
    • View Sample Here
  • The Dragon and the Raven
    • This product includes 472 vocabulary words. Setting: AD 870-901; Viking Invasion of England and France.
    • View Sample Here

These ebooks are downloadable PDF files.