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Classroom Labels

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In each of these sets, you will find image/word combinations in 2 different formats.

The first format is larger, a nice size for flashcards, and the second is smaller, easily used for labeling with the classroom.

They are all easy-to-read and great for incorporating into a print-rich classroom.

Below are the products included in this collection:

  • Classroom Labels: Classroom Supplies
    • 60 image/word combinations
  • Classroom Labels: Parts Of A House
    • 105 image/word combinations

Below are some great ideas for using these labels:

  • Labeling Classroom Supplies This can prove helpful in early childhood classrooms, special education classrooms and classroom with students who are learning to speak English. This can be especially helpful to those students who are emergent readers or those who are new to the country and can benefit from the picture support.
  • Flash Cards Once students have had an opportunity to become familiar with the cards, the image portion of the larger cards may be folded back, allowing them to be used as flashcards.
  • Interactive Notebooks Students can glue the smaller cards into their notebooks, providing them with a reference tool. Another option might be to challenge students to group the cards by type (i.e. writing instruments, adhesives, items that hold items together, etc.).