Bible & Character Interactive BUNDLE

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This is a hands-on opportunity to improve knowledge of the Bible books and stories while working on character. This bundle includes Flash Cards, Interactive Foldable Booklets, Copywork, Lapbooks, Mini-Lapbooks, and a Lapbook Journal.

You will receive these 20 ebooks:

  • Books of the New Testament Flash Cards for Tablets
  • Books of the Old Testament Flash Cards for Tablets
  • Books of the Bible Individual Booklet
  • Joseph & His Brothers Interactive Foldable Booklet
  • Fun Facts: Noah Ark Interactive Foldable Booklet
  • Copywork for Building Character: Patience Copywork Notebook
  • Copywork for Building Character: Respect Copywork Notebook
  • Forgiveness Lapbook
  • Modesty Lapbook
  • Self-Control Lapbook
  • Humility Lapbook
  • Respect Lapbook
  • Jonah: The Reluctant Prophet Lapbook
  • Joseph: Prince of Dreams Lapbook
  • Ruth: The Bride of the Kinsman Redeemer Lapbook
  • Wonders of Creation Lapbook
  • Theory of Intelligent Design Lapbook
  • Theory of Intelligent Design Lapbook Journal
  • Fruits of the Spirit Mini-Lapbook
  • The Ten Commandments Mini-Lapbook

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    This Bundle is a downloadable PDF file. Just follow the instructions, cut, fold, glue, and create!