Respect Copywork

The content of this copywork is great.It is spot on what I want to instill in my children. While the copywork is a bit wordy for my 6 year old we made it work just right for us. I read the verse to her and we discussed it. Then we went back over it and I chose a few words that I feel really bring the point home for her to copy. This made it less daunting and more enjoyable for my less than eager writer. Turns out she really enjoyed it (using brand new glitter gel pens may have added to the enjoyment!). I think that this set of copywork is a great addition for anyone looking to add on a Bible or Character Trait Study. It is easy to adapt to your child and teaching. This will not be the last Character Trait Study we do from Knowledge Box Central that is certain! For my full review please visit my blog...  Where He Leads We Follow   ~~ Stephanie


Classical Composer & Instruments Lapbook

My children and I were able to study Classical Composer and Instruments.  This Lapbook was fun for everyone!  My 5 yr old was able to practice her cutting and pasting skills.  My 7 yr loved the challenge to find the answers. He also loved searching for “Amazing Facts” that were not included in other booklets.   Even my 2 yr old loved looking at and learning the pictures of the instruments.  I loved it because it showed what we were learning and it was all in one spot.   Ever feel overwhelmed when planning what and how much to teach on certain subjects?  This was a great way to introduce the basics of an orchestra and the instruments. It also includes mini-books for the Classical Composers and new vocabulary that is learned when studying Music.  ~~ Amber C

American Girl: Meet Felicity Lapbook - Ebook

If you have daughters who love reading the American Girl book series, then this lapbook is something you need to consider purchasing! My ten year old daughter was so excited when I told her about this lapbook. She started working on it immediately after I downloaded it. She has the Felicity doll and she has read, and re-read this series over and over. She was able to put most of the lapbook's mini booklets together from memory. 

I love how Knowledge Box Central shows you how to assemble each lapbook and where every mini booklet should go. My daughter made the lapbook and then, looking at the pictures that came in the instructions, she penciled in where each booklet would be placed once they were completed.
Included also are instructions for each mini booklet that states what should be written in each. There are also answers for the teacher for grading purposes. The booklets cover facts about the author of the book, the main characters' family, and what one would find in a general store in the late 1700s. There are vocabulary words, facts about the original 13 colonies and even some copywork pages included.
My daughter is having a wonderful time putting this together.

The Felicity Lapbook would please most any American Girl fan. 
Take a look for yourself! You won't be disappointed!

~~Alycia A.

Apologia Biology Flash Cards from Knowledge Box Central!


As a busy homeschool Mom of 4, I am all for making prep work easier!  These Apologia Biology Flash Cards from Knowledge Box Central are simply WONDERFUL!!
Just follow the easy printing instructions.  Print out one module at a time or all 16 at once onto card stock for your Apologia Biology student to study.  All vocabulary words from the book are included.

It's that simple and almost like having an extra pair of hands - and a few extra minutes to boot!

View a sample of this very affordable option for your homeschool!
Knowledge Box Central also makes flash cards for all Apologia Middle School and High School sciences AND lapbooks for ALL levels.

~~Lisa in FL 

My son (6 yr) and I just had the pleasure of doing Cooking basics lapbook from Knowledge Box Central.  I have to say this lapbook was excellent.  There are many things we loved about this lapbook.

First we loved that the lapbook has a format.  If you ever had trouble getting all your mini books to fit in the lapbook, you will not have this problem with Cooking Basics. There are detailed instructions on how to put the lapbook files together and then also a guide for each mini book.  I found this most helpful.  My son loves to put together the lapbook as we go and usually I talk him out of it so we can have everything fit.  This lapbook gave him the OK to put together as we went, he was super happy!!

Cooking Basics starts off with all the things you need to do or know before you start cooking.  This was also great for us, having a newbie in the kitchen!!  It covers from washing your hands, aprons and kitchen supplies, to stove/knife safety.  It then moves on to measuring, liquids, dry ingredients and conversions!!   Math anyone!! :)  Next you get to cooking, try a meal from a different country.  There is also a section on what you should do after cooking.  A vocabulary board game is included and was a lot of fun!!

The graphics are really great.  The mini books are stoves, pots, knives and many more cute things.  This lapbook was a favorite in my house and it is sure to be in yours as well. ~~ Kristy in NJ

 I'm sure if you are not living under a rock you have heard of this book. The grand creators at Knowledge Box Central have a great mini lapbook to go along with the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst. My boys love the book so when we seen a chance to review the Lapbook for it we jumped at the chance. It is a great way to enhance the book which will make your 

children's imagination go wild and open up the country of Australia to them. My children learned a lot about 

the country that they didn't know. Not only is Australia famous for the kangaroo and the lovable koala bear 

Australia is also known for its use as a prison colony. In 1788 Britain used Australia as a place to house their prisoners. Australia's government is headed by a Prime Minister not a president. Outdoor sports are very popular there especially camel racing. My children would love a chance to watch that. I have to admit I would like to see it for myself. So in your search about learning more about the interesting country of Australia you can read the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst and get this great lap book to go along with it.  Here is the link to the product we reviewed. 

 I don't know if you know it or not but Knowledge Box Central is the home of the $5 Lapbook. And best of all when you sign up for their newsletter you get a free $5 coupon to put towards your first Lapbook. How great is that? When you home school your children sometimes you are in need of that little something to enhance your lessons. Well I have your answer Knowledge Box Central. So don't waste any time get on over there and get your school year started right. You will be glad you did.  

~~ Blogger at A Simple Life, really?!


My family and I live in Alabama. Home of the Crimson Tide.The Heart of Dixie. But these two facts I already knew probably because I have lived here in Alabama my entire life. Just this week my children and I had the opportunity to study this great state of ours a little more in depth. Knowledge Box Central has just recently been releasing state history lapbooks. And we had the chance to review one for Alabama. And honestly I thought I knew all there was to know about it. But I was quite surprised to find out that even though the Camellia is our state flower now it was only named so after the ladies of Butler county felt it unsuitable that our then state flower the Goldenrod, a common weed represented our state. They felt that the Camellia was a more fitting tribute.
My children were thrilled to find out that Alabama has an over abundance of lizards. And we all agreed that this was true. You can ALWAYS catch them playing with lizards. EWWW!!  

Knowledge Box Central  has done a great job on their state history lapbooks. There is a lot of information so that will be something you can look forward to. All the work has been done for you. All you have to do is color,cut, paste & learn. And they are working on getting all states covered. So you should be able to find your state or at the very least one you would like to know more about. This would be a great addition to your state history. ~ Jalynn in Alabama


Tired of boring book reports but still want your children to have something to go with the books they are reading for school? This is just the ticket! With many different pages for all types and grade levels of analysis, this Literature Analysis/ Book Report Lapbook can be used for a huge project or just as a guide for a simple book report. With 63 pages available to print over and over, this is all you need for literature analysis.

For the younger student, teach plot, characters, vocabulary, and get creative with a new and different ending. Create drawings of the characters and scenes. This creation will not only show off what your child learned from the book, but will also be a beautiful keepsake of that grade level. Your child will enjoy decorating all the fun pages! We loved coming up with different endings for the book.

The older children may not be as interested in the artistry of these books, but that's okay. The work is harder as they get older, and there is a lot to learn through true literature analysis. Discuss the theme of the book. Was there any injustice? Would you have reacted differently? Making a time line of the events is a fun way to figure out what went wrong and perhaps when a different path could have been taken. 

This lapbook can be used for students as young as 4th grade (even a little younger if they are reading well) and all the way up to high school. The beauty of it is, you don't need to buy another one each year. You can purchase this resource for $5.00 and print it over and over again! Print only what you need for each child. We have always enjoyed using these lapbooks, and I know you will, too.  ~K Stilwell


We just love your Apologia Lapbook Journals.  They are an excellent way to keep tract of the "On Your Own" questions, Study Guide Questions, and lab work.  Before we had the lapbook journal it was tedious keeping all of that info in  separate notebooks.  But with you lapbook journal it can all be kept in the same notebook in an organized fashion.  Also the experiments are all typed up, and all they have to do is fill in the information.  And lastly we have enjoyed lapbooking throughout our homeschooling years, and with the lapbook component it is an additional way to cement the information that our children have just learned.So many ways to us these!  We just love them!  ~Linda in Pennsylvania


I just had to write and tell you how wonderful the General Science Lapbook Journal looks! We had ordered this without even knowing what all it would include or look like. I started to print out the modules we have worked on thus far and WOW, it's very thorough and I'm excited about it! My daughter has been totally overwhelmed with the step up from doing the Elementary versions and lapbooks will hopefully bridge the gap and solidify the info. for her a little.  My older daughter wanted to know when the Chem and Biology ones come up! She says they looked like they'd be so helpful!  So just wanted to let you know.  We also do TOG so we are loving all the lapbooks you are offering.