Color & Shape Psychology

This is one of the ways that OUR Lapbooks are so different than those available through other companies.

We use the color and shape theories within

all of our Lapbooks.

We may not all realize it, but color plays a very influential role in our everyday lives.
Colors are used to increase safety, order our lives, market products, etc. 
Think about it.  Don’t we know that red usually means stop or danger? 
Yellow on a light or sign means caution or slow down, right?  We use colors in our filing systems to keep us organized. 
While most of us may not spend a lot of time thinking about color, it does affect us every day. 
It can influence our moods and our thoughts.
Most chain stores, restaurants, and organizations have marketing staff who understand this concept of color psychology, and they use this to manipulate how you think and feel.  It’s a little scary, right?  I agree.  However, WE can do the SAME thing if we understand how it all works.
How can we use this information to improve information retention and behavior in our children?  For this purpose, we can use it in two main ways:
Education Related:
  • Plan the interior design of the room in which your student does most of his or her learning, using information that you know about certain colors.
  • Use specific colors during your teaching of certain topics, according to what you want your child to remember and what feeling you want them to remember about that topic.
There are also many ways to use color psychology in marketing, home decorating, and more.  I am working on a book that goes into detail about how to use each color for many purposes.  Please stay tuned to our website and newsletter for information about when my book is available.
You may also want to attend some of my seminars on this topic.  These are done at many homeschool conventions and as private seminars for various homeschool groups around the country.